Woman at Computer Spansafe was developed to meet the organized file preservation needs of Fortune 500 companies and has been scaled for the small to midsize business.
How Do I?
preserve data & documents?
Upload your files to our reliable server. Mobile users store files to prevent loss of data with loss of device. Versioning prevents accidental file deletion during collaboration.
access my "safe"?
Anywhere you can connect to the internet you can log in and access your files: anywhere, anytime.
share files?
Intuitive software with flexible role-based access controls allows administrators to create highly utilized and organized sharing environments. Users can share large files and bypass restrictions of email.
Secure information?
Access via a 2-screen login protects your critical information. Users are authenticated and identified as unique. Administrators can audit user's actions.

Spansafe was created by the Airaghi Group, Inc, dba SpeedSpan, in 2004. The developers had previous experience in business and government computing environments. The product was formed specifically to present a secure digital file preservation and management solution, that is affordable and and suitable for small businesses and organizations. Spansafe uses a familiar folder tab interface with sub-folders down to 7 levels.

Spansafe was enhanced over the years, making it possible for administrators to add users whose access was limited to certain folders or sub-folders. Another addition was a special log in allows everyone in an organization to use their company email address and password for read-only access to company documents. Branding, auditing, and other features came along.


Spansafe was originally hosted in a SAS 70 certified data center in Covington KY, very near the SpeedSpan offices in Cincinnati where Spansafe was developed. Since late 2016, Spansafe is hosted in a Lansing MI data center owned by LiquidWeb. Their data centers are all SSAE-16 Compliant, have redundant networking gear, diesel generator and battery backup power, 4 tier-1 bandwidth providers (Level 3, Verizon, Cogent, Comcast), and are fully secured. These are monitored by QTH, a security minded company in LaCrosse WI.

contact information

Sales: sales@spansafe.com

Support: support@spansafe.com

Phone: (513) 579-1990

Phyiscal Location: 1115 Pendleton St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202